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Listen to the Blue

by Janet Seaforth on 09/19/10

Qi is the energy that makes up everything in the universe.

To realign and be in harmony with the natural qi, come to center. 

Listen...        to the breath. 


 Moderation in all things is balance.

Sophia Delza says,

"When the body is in perfect balance there is no strain on any part of it."

What is qigong?

by Janet Seaforth on 09/08/10

Qigong is an ancient pracitce born in China thousands of years ago, with some of its deep roots in Indian yoga.  It is also known as "Taoist yoga".  Qigong literally means "energy work".  It is a somewhat recent term for an ancient practice. 

Qi is the universal energy in everything; similar if not the same as, "string theory".  It is the primary energy that coalesces into matter.

Gong means work accomplished.  It is the movement of energy. The practice that moves the universal life energy through the body, and brings the body into harmony.

Qigong is a practice.  It is a treatment that you learn to give yourself for a healthier happier you.  It is the moving practice of bringing the minds loving attention into the body for harmony and rejuvenation.

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