Our mission is to assist people in their pursuit of health and fitness. We are dedicated to providing our students with current and pertinent information on maintaining and improving health and well being.

The basic principles are based on the Montessori method of respecting and developing the individual's interests. And on the Tai Chi Chuan principle of self -containment; taking responsibility for yourself, and refusing to be  a  victim. 
 So "Do what your heart desires", and "Take responsibility for yourself"!

We understand the importance of value, thus we consistently and consciously work toward providing the most comfortable environment possible for you to enjoy. And we encourage you to be  comfortable  working out at home,creating your own sacred space for meditation in movement , both indoors and outdoors if possible.  

Janet's double disc DVD is availabe for use at home with disc I providing the complete verbalized form and disc II offering a beautiful meditation on the Russian River for you to follow with additional forms including the Dragon Gates and the 8 Brocades.  To order go to "packages".

Tai Chi 24 Form is now available in three views, front, side, and back. Filmed over 3 years at different locations, This DVD also includes the White Cloud Qigong Form  The Crone and The Crane for your qigong meditation practice.

The 1/2 acre of Choice Studios includes a pottery and small sculpting studio, as well as a small permaculture farm, the small Kuan meditation and healing hall,  and the Tai Chi circle for practice. The Dragon Tiger Mountain Form 108 is practiced on Saturdays in summer.

Health & Fitness

The outdoor Kuan, Tai Chi hall