1975 Studied self- defense for women at                          Sonoma Women's Center
           Studied self-defense with Betty Braver
          at the Country Women's Festival at the                       Woodlands in Mendocino, Ca.

1976 Studied with Sifu Nam Singh for many         
          years;Tai Chi Chuan, Dragon Tiger                             Mountain long form, staff, sword, qigong                     and Chinese medicinal cooking.

1977 Participated in the first "Women's Martial                   Arts Camp" at Lake Vera, 
          Nevada City, Ca.  Birthplace of the annual                  4 day Pacific Association of Women 
           in the Martial Arts, PAWM training camps, 
           and continue to attend most of the camps for            the next 30 years, taking a wide variety of                  courses, and maintaining a membership
Biography of Janet Seaforth
in Tai Chi and Qigong
Health & Fitness

1978 Graduated from Lung Lu Shan Tzu Dragon Tiger Mountain School
        and began student teaching the Tai Chi long form, and qigong               exercises.

1978  Co-founded Gaia Wood Studios, a project  on land acquired in              Mendocino, Ca. for the purpose of exploring and 
         developing sustainable living practices, including a ceramic                   studio, a tai chi exercise area, an organic garden, and raising               goats, chickens and rabbits.

1978  Attended the first West Coast Women's Martial Art Camp at                Lake Vera, Nevada City, CA  with 100 other women. This                      became Pacific Association of Women in the Martial Arts.
         or PAWMA with hundreds of women attending.  

1979  Studied Nanking Integrated System of 
         Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands with Jo Deisher and 
         Chang I Chung, at Mendocino's Nicolas Lane Studio.

1980  Founded my own Tai Chi school, Po Yun Nei Kuan, Philo, CA

1980  Founding mother of Mendocino Co. National Women's Political            Caucus  (the NWPC), with 20 other women.

1984 Presenter at Women Against Violence Conference,San Francisco

1988  Presenter for Project Sanctuary Battered Women's Shelter

1989  Tai Chi classes at Redwood Health Club, Ukiah, CA

1989  Became sole proprietor of Choice Studios retail #SRJH 27795035

1991  Tai Chi class at Clover Health Club, Cloverdale, CA

1993  Studied Feng Shui with Mary Buckley, Ukiah, CA

1993  Studied Feng Shui with Ann Marie Holmes, Black School Sect

1994  to present  Organized our annual "Spring Training" 
         with Sifu Michelle Dwyer and certified by the The Silver Cloud                School of Chinese Martial Arts

1997  Studied meditation and sword with Sensi Michele Benzamine               Miki  www.manzanitavillage.org

1998  Featured artist in Sharp Spear Crystal Mirror  
         "Martial Arts in Women's Lives" 
          Book by Stephanie Hoppe ISBN 0-89281-662-7

2000 Certified by Redwood Coast Tai Chi Association as instructor of            Dragon Tiger Mountain Yang Style 
         Tai Chi Chuan 108 long form and PYNK qigong

1998-2004  Guest artist, teacher at Women's Clan annual retreat at               Hearts and Hands, Albion, CA.  teaching Tai Chi, 
        Qigong, Introduction to Eastern philosophy, I Ching, Paqua, 
        Feng Shui, 5 Element theory, and Chinese herbal cooking.

1998 to present  Teacher at Del Webb, Clover Springs Adult                        Community, Cloverdale, Ca.  Tai Chi, Qigong 
       exercises for balance, flexibility, stress reduction, 
       and general good health

1999 to 2009 Helped organize the "Goddess Gather", offering the                 creative edge of Women's Wisdom in the ancient tradition 
        of the Mystery School with its founder Motherbear
        and led workshops in Tai Chi and qigong for its10 years.

2005 to present Qigong teacher at Oakmont 
        Active Adult Community, Santa Rosa, CA  

2007  to present PYNK qigong, chair qigong and Tai Chi 24 form              teacher at the Cloverdale Senior Center

2008 Studied Tai Chi 24 form, 32 movement Yang Style Tai Chi     Sword with Joanne Stubblefield at Master Li's  Tai Chi and Kung Fu      Academy. Performed the Tai Chi 24 with Master Shu Dong Li, 
and many others,for the  Olympic torch in San Francisco.
 www.santarosakungfu.com and SantaRosaTaiChi.com

2009  Studied the Ba Duan Jin, "8 Brocades"        
 with Chinese Master Niu Aijun and Sifu Justin Eggert

2009  to present Studied with Mingtong Gu www.chicenter.com        
 and the WHQ Teacher Training POL 2010
 (Wisdom Healing Qigong of Dr.Pang from China)

2010 Studied Tai Chi 24 form with May Leung, Sifu Joanne Stubblefield, Master Shu Dong Li and began teaching
at the Cloverdale Senior Center Qigong and Tai Chi 24 form

2010 Studied Feng Shui Life Mapping with Salvatore Manzi 

2010 Studied with Michael Gilman Port Townsend, WA.  Morning        Classes. and Push Hands Practice  www. gilmanstudio.com

2011 Workshop March 5th with Qigong Master FengXiuquian of Beijing
Berkeley, CA.

2011 Organizer for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day April 30th Arcata, CA

2011 Founding member of Pacific Qigong Association. Sonoma County

2011 Organizer for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day April 30th Arcata, CA

2012 Certified United States Health Qigong Federation

2012 Certified National Qigong Association Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor

2012 USA athlete in the 5th World Wushu Championships in Huangshan, China. Dragon Tiger Mountain Tai Chi 108 demo. score. 8.67 out of 10 points.  Visit Huangshan Mountains, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Shanghai and Zhouzhuang. Sponsored by Sifu Justin Eggert   www.Wu-Academy.com

2013 Began Taoist Studies with Sifu Mark Johnson, Santa Rosa, CA.

2014 Push Hands Training with International and World Push Hands Champion Sifu Stephen Watson

2014 Presenter and organizer of National Qigong Day celebration in Santa Rosa, CA.

2014 Presenter at the I Chuan Association Conference

2022 Published Little Book of Qi, Energy for Life with Balboa Press
2024 Presenter at National Qigong Association Qi-Talks

   Janet has taught continuously 
            for over 40 years.
Graduating over 40 students in the Dragon Tiger Mountain 108 form of Tai Chi Chuan.  And teaching hundreds of others PYNK qigong
Joanne Stubblefield's fan class Santa Rosa, CA
      Michael Gilman's Tai Chi 
      Port Townsend, Washington 
Woman's Martial Arts Camp 1978 
Lake Vera, Nevada City, CA 
Janet , Denise, and Michael Dwyer
Mingtong Gu at WHQ teacher training                     April, 2010
Sifu Nam Singh herbal cooking

Choice Studios ceramics and cements focus on right livelihood. They are individually hand sculpted cast porcelain from Janet's original work.
[email protected]
                   Woman in the Vineyard, 
from Janet's one woman show  "Local Clay"at the              Mendocino County Museum. 1995
Motherbear at the Goddess Gather
Sifu M. Dwyer, Sifu Nam Singh, Simu Seaforth
    Training workshop 2004.
​Goddess Goblets 
USA Team at Huangshan, China
 Nov. 2012 Wushu   Championships