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PYNK Qigong
 PYNK Qigong is a treatment you give yourself for longevity,
 good health, balance, flexibility, and relaxation. 
This simple practice can prevent disease as well as heal disease. 
 It strengthens the body, promotes mental clarity and 
emotional stability; working with the integration of 
Body Mind and Spirit. 



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by Janet Seaforth, Balboa Press, 2022

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Qigong is the basis for Tai Chi, meditation in motion. 
Qigong is  an exercise that works down to the bones;
every joint is moved and massaged, every ligament, 
tendon and sinew is nourished and relaxed.  
All the organs and systems of the body are brought into harmony.The gentle movements help the heart to push the blood through the body to bring the needed nutrition from food, from the breath, (and from any supplement or medication). PYNK Qigong massages every joint and organ of the body.  
The result is better digestion, and better health as toxins are released and eliminated.  The organs are cleansed 
and the result is a stronger, healthier and happier you!

Qi pronounced chee, like in cheek, also spelled chi, means energy. Gong means practice work. 
Qigong, in brief, means energy work.

​About the teacher:
Qigong is a system of movement that has been used for thousands of years.  Simu Janet Seaforth has developed PYNK Qigong over her more than 40 years experience in the healing arts, creating a simple form, from  many traditions.  

Simu ("teacher mother")  Janet Seaforth is available for 
*private instruction
*as a guest teacher or workshop presenter.
contact her by email [email protected]


Where to practice:

​Fresh air and sunshine, with green growing vegetation giving its fresh oxygen, is the best environment to practice qigong. Good for deep breathing and relaxation. It can be in your back yard or the local park. It can also be inside your home, preferably in a room where you can relax, and be in presence with your mind and body, and have a some room for relaxed movement.

History of PYNK Qigong
Pynk qigong was born in Philo, Mendocino County, California.  
In the hills of the Holmes Ranch, where feminist women 
were part of the "going back to the land" movement 
of the 1970's.  Borrowing money among themselves to 
buy 20 acres, they settled down, bringing goats, chickens, 
geese, and Janet's 10 year old daughter Bridget. 
They all worked very hard with no electricity, except for a crank generator.  The generator was only used to pump water up from the creek, to a 50 gallon holding tank, on the top of the small cabin, for gravity flow to the sink inside. Kerosene lamps and candles for light, and a two burner wood stove for heat and cooking. "Being in harmony with nature", took on a whole new meaning, and a whole lot of "chop wood haul water" was reality.

Janet continued to study with Sifu Nam Singh, at the 
Dragon Tiger Mountain School in Sonoma, about 60 miles 
south of her property in Philo. 

She started teaching women only, and named her school 
Po Yun Nei Kuan after the ancient White Cloud Temple 
in Beijing. It got its "chop", when her daughter Bridget brought it back from China in 1986. The name was changed to White Cloud Temple School in 2012, as the classes were open to all serious students in 1990. 

Janet has studied with many teachers and various traditions.
For more information see the attached biography, including
the history of Choice Studios and its ceramic and 
cements departments, as well as the perma culture garden.

Health & Wellbeing

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          Tai Chi Circle 
Choice Studios
Sifu Michelle Dwyer, Sifu Nam Singh, 
and Simu Janet Seaforth.
Philo cabin and Tai Chi circle
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